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Your Pet, Our Family

Concerns have recently increased about respiratory illness in dogs. Here is additional info:

Current recommendations include:

1. Avoid unnecessary contact with large groups of dogs, such as at dog parks or dog daycare

2. If your dog is going to be boarded or attend daycare, ensure that he/she is current on Kennel Cough and Influenza vaccinations. Please bear in mind that the influenza series requires two vaccinations given 3-4 weeks apart, with the second dose given at least 14 days prior to exposure.

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Let Us Show You The Ease Of Mobile Veterinary Care.

Remove the stress of bringing your pet to the veterinarian, and let the veterinarian come to you instead!

We would like to let our valued clients know that Dr. Goodknight will be welcoming her daughter into the world on 3/26/24. Appointment availability and response times will be limited around this time. We thank you in advance for your consideration and understanding.  

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Goodknight Mobile Veterinary Care, PLLC

As a passionate, dedicated veterinarian with 13 years of clinical experience, I've always felt that there must be a less stressful way to care for my clients' beloved companions than having them brought into a busy veterinary clinic. Mobile veterinary care is the answer! Pets are always most comfortable in their own homes with their families. Regardless of your pet's needs, I promise that I will provide exceptional individualized care in a perfectly-tailored stress-free visit. If your pet has a unique need that cannot be addressed fully in our visit, I will provide resources to help them get the care they need.


I earned my DVM at the University of Glasgow, Scotland and have been serving the greater Charlotte area for over a decade. Nothing brings me more joy than helping to support the human-animal bond. In addition to home visits, I also offer virtual consults for patients I have examined previously. Please give us a call, text, or email; I can't wait to meet you and your fur-family!

Rachel Joy Goodknight, DVM

Our Services

Wellness Visits

Book a wellness visit to ensure your fluffy friend is as healthy as possible for years to come. We will gladly make recommendations based on your pet’s lifestyle.

Sick Visits

When your companion is not feeling their best, it can be even more difficult to transport them. We are happy to come to you instead! We will assess him or her and may advise seeking out clinical care.

Senior Care

Senior pets tend to have unique needs. We love helping you to support your family member as they enter their Golden Years!

Quality of Life Consults

Are you questioning whether it could be time to let your companion pass on? Let us help ease the burden of the toughest decision pet parents ever have to make.

For visit costs, please click "Pricing" at the top of the page.

Please feel free to view our 5-star reviews on our Google page. We value every interaction with our clients and their pets!


End-Of-Life Care

Once you have made the decision to let your companion pass, we promise to help make the process as smooth as possible. We have also lost pets and we know how it feels to go through such a loss. We can help them pass in their favorite spot with their entire family surrounding them or in whatever conditions you prefer. We have even done this on family's decks or out in the yard in the sunshine; every family and pet is different, and it's a world away from what you would experience in a busy veterinary clinic. Once the spot has been chosen, your pet will be given an injection of sedation ("happy drugs") to relax them, after which an IV catheter will be placed. You are welcome to hold your pet if you wish. The last medication is an anesthetic that will be administered into the vein, which will cause them to peacefully slip away. We will provide the option of a complimentary memorial keepsake if you wish.

For aftercare, we highly recommend cremation. We work closely with Paws, Whiskers and Wags Pet Crematory (, and they are committed to excellence. If you choose cremation, you'll have the option to have your pet's ashes returned (private cremation) or not (communal cremation). They will meet us at your home for pick up. Burial is not recommended for pets who have been euthanized due to the risk of soil contamination with chemicals, and/or detection by other animals, who could potentially become ill on ingestion of remains. If you do opt for burial, please ensure at least 3 feet of soil cover.

Pricing For End-Of-Life Services

End-of-Life Care Cost

$190 deposit/concierge fee  (includes up to 20 miles of travel) + $60-100 (based on pet's weight)

Once you have provided your address, we will be happy to confirm exact charges prior to the visit.

Please note, we are not licensed in South Carolina.


Private Cremation (cremains available to pick up): $265


Communal Cremation (no cremains): $60

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Pets Do You Treat?

Currently, we only see cats and dogs.

Is Home Veterinary Care Right For My Pet?

Pets are most comfortable at home with their families. If your pet exhibits signs of anxiety, suffers from car sickness, or despises being placed in a carrier, home visits may be the answer. Dr. Goodknight is Fear-Free certified and will aim to reduce your companion’s stress (and yours!) as much as possible.

How Long Are Home Visits?

Each pet will be allotted up to 60 minutes (compared to 15-20 minutes with the veterinarian at a typical veterinary clinic). This ensures that you and your pet will receive thorough, individualized care from a compassionate, experienced doctor.

How Should I Prepare For My Home Visit?

At least 72 hours prior to your appointment, please email records to so that we can recommend the best care for your pet. Please confine your pet to a smallish area. If your cat tends to hide when strangers arrive, please block off hiding places (such as behind the bed). We won’t be able to examine your pet if he/she cannot be found! We do NOT recommend confining cats to a carrier as most associate this with fear/stress. We will bring treats, but it never hurts to have some of your own handy! If your pet tends to require sedation for veterinary care, go ahead and administer it 45-60 mins prior to our arrival.

What If My Pet Tends To Be Aggressive With Strangers?

We are Fear-Free certified and we want your pet to be as comfortable as possible during their visit. Many appointments can be completed without an assistant, but if the anxiety level of your companion means that safety is compromised, the visit will be stopped and other options will be discussed. Dr. Goodknight may opt to reschedule for a day when her assistant is available or we may decide to try a mild sedative.

Do You Offer Emergency Care?

We are not set up to offer emergency care, x-rays, or hospitalization. In case of emergency, we highly recommend contacting: > Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency, 3726 Latrobe Dr., Charlotte, NC 704-457-2300 or > Veterinary Emergency Group, 4716-A Sharon Rd Suite A, Charlotte, NC 980-880-6062

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Contact Us

 Due to the unpredictable nature of home visits, traffic delays, and travel distances, your appointment time is approximate. Based on the locations of our other daily visits, we may contact you to request a different day/time. We appreciate your flexibility! We will text you 30-45 minutes prior to arrival.

Service Area

Greater Charlotte Area

(Not in South Carolina)

As a mobile practice, we do not provide after-hours care, hospitalization,
radiology, or surgery. In case of emergency, we recommend:
Charlotte Animal Referral and Emergency

3726 Latrobe Drive,

Charlotte, NC 28211; 704-457-2300

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